Rhaya Mhakaracca

Vintner, ex-con, bartender. Child of Radz-at-Han.

Basic Information

Name: Rhaya Mhakaracca
Age: 43
Gender: Trans-feminine
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 135 pz
Body: Full hips, smaller chest, signs of aging.
Birthplace: Radz-at-Han, Thavnair
Current Residence: Wineport, La Noscea
Race: Keeper of the Moon, Miqo'te
Family: Egrine Mhakaracca (Spouse), Yvette Silmontaix (Daughter), Elphanse Silmontaix (Co-parent)
Sexuality: Pansexual
Relationship status: Married; Polyamorous (Closed).
Job: Vintner/Owner, Chateau la Mer d'Sud
Languages: Fluent in Eorzean, Ishgardian, Hingan, Dalmascan, Thavnairian, and Garlean. Passable in Xaelic.

Server: Balmung (Crystal)

A Rogue's Story

Rhaya'li was born as a set of triplets to the clannish matriarch Rhaya Mhakaracca. Unwilling to bend the knee to the Trapper's League, the clan found itsself hunted by the Wood Wailers and made a desperate escape. Losing many in the process, Rhaya sailed her people down the Hathoeva River, and out to Mazlaya where she arranged passage to Thavnair with Hannish traders. Destitute and with little choice, Rhaya had to abandon two of her children in the city of Radz-at-Han... one of those children was the precocious Rhaya'li.

Largely unaware of their background, and far too young to remember their clan's daring escape, the Keeper raised themself and their brother on the street with the help of a few strangers along the way. Ultimately, after the death of their brother Rhaya'to, Rhaya'li started doing whatever it took to make end's meet. They bounced between wealthy suitors, acting as a retainer or entertainer (leading to a significant amount of musical training with the Royal Hannish Philharmonic), and became more and more disaffected as they grew. At the age of 16, Rhaya'li took part in their first heist. By age 20, the Keeper was an established criminal in the Hannish underground. Around that same time, a particularly dangerous heist went wrong, and as the greaseman... Rhaya'li was caught and imprisoned. This would be the first of many prison escapes.

Rhaya'li escaped prison and found themselves exiled from Radz-at-Han, or else face certain execution. The next twenty turns of their life would find them going from petty criminal, to global criminal kingpin as the eponymous Jewelmaker of the Westwind Syndicate. In their time they oversaw hundreds of heists, dozens of assassinations, the movement of millions of gil in stolen goods, and took on a personal passion project - eradicating slavers operating within their business lines. But time is never on your side working in a job like that, and eventually Rhaya'li needed to find a way out. Shortly before the Calamity, the Jewelmaker faked their death, and made for Eorzea.

After their 'retirement', Rhaya'li has purchase the Chateau la Mer d'Sud Winery in Wineport, fathered a child, and found themselves wed. It seems peace has finally found them...

Roleplay Hooks

Criminals may have worked with the Jewelmaker in the past... a mysterious Near Eastern crimelord known for wearing a mask. Notably, the Jewelmaker was a purple Keeper of the Moon. So strange... is it just a coincidence?

Performers may have worked with Rhaya in their time as an actor and director at Palazzo Aldenard, or in their various performance work at venues all across Eorzea. Patrons may also recognize them for the same reason.

Resistance Members from various nations, including Bozja, Ala Mhigo, Dalmasca, and Werlyt may have worked with the Keeper on various matters. They're just a winemaker... how do they know how to move arms? Decode Garlean ciphers? Strange.

Vintners and Bar Owners may have purchased the wine Rhaya makes at Chateau la Mer d'Sud, a vineyard in Wineport.

Contact Information

Hey there, it's Ray! I'm always happy to banter with you on twitter, but the easiest way to get in contact with me is via Discord. You can catch me at Hannish Rogue#1988, my DM's are always open!

As far as RP goes, please ask ahead. I'm open for all forms of RP, and if this character doesn't work for what you're looking for... I got the altitis, so just ask.

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